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10 ACP Tools Every HealthCare Professional Should be Familiar With (ordered from basic conversations to more complex/technical):

  1. Have the Talk of a Lifetime

    • ​​50 cards which ask thoughtful questions about your life, such as "What personal events have most shaped your life?", which help you connect with your loved ones through meaningful conversation. Share stories about life, what matters most and how you want to be cared for and remembered.

    • Free; English language


  2. Go Wish

    • ​Card set which list end-of-life values and preferences, such as "being comfortable", asking that you prioritize them as "very", "somewhat", or "not" important to you.  Order cards or use online version of the Go Wish Cards.  Online option allows you to save your file for later reference.

    • $26/set, $7/set in bulk; Free online


  3. Death Cafe

    • ​At a "Death Café" people gather to eat, drink, socialize and discuss death; helps to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their lives.

    • Free guidelines in multiple languages; unlimited in practice


  4. Prepare for Your Care

    • ​Web-based, easy and interesting way to explore your values and preferences for care.  Once completed, you can save online and/or print out a copy of your thoughts for 1) yourself, 2) completing advance directives and 3) sharing with your healthcare team.

    • Free in English and Spanish


  5. The Conversation Project

    • Download and print: Information and format for having conversations with your loved ones about your and their end-of-life care wishes; 

    • Facilitates community organization around ACP with a Community Getting Started Guide;  community residents in end-of-life care conversations and how to partner with other organizations in your region to promote this work.

    • Free, in multiple languages


  6. Five Wishes

    • With a mission to safeguard the human dignity of people as they age or face serious illness for nearly 20 years, Aging with Dignity has been an advocate for quality care for those near the end of life.

    • $1-5/paper or online formats; 28+ languages


  7. What if I Had Dementia

    • ​Disease specific guidance to consider in advance of developing dementia/cognitive decline.

    • Free in English language


  8. Caring Conversations

  9. Colorado MDPOA

    • Medical Durable Power of Attorney : One document every adult in Colorado should complete…Now!  Remember as an "interested party" state, Colorado is relatively unique in the nation, stipulating that any "interested party" may have a say in your health care decisions, should you lose decision-making ability….Use this simple form to identify who you want to make decisions for you if you cannot: have a discussion with them, and indicate some of your most important care preferences on this form.

    • Free to print in English language


  10. Colorado MOST

    • Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment : Allows individuals, particularly those with a serious or life threatening illness, to clearly state their preferences for care, in the form of physician orders.  This becomes useful if you are not able to speak for yourself.  Addresses code status, general preferences for care and preferences for artificial nutrition or hydration. To be completed with assistance of medical providers.

    • Free to print in English and Spanish


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