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About the Pal Care Network

Palliative care is supports you and your loved ones through the most challenging of times.  The palliative care team, which may include physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and chaplains can assist in many aspects of your life and care as you work to enjoy quality of life in the setting of serious or life threatening illness.​


Based on the principle that each person's wellbeing includes aspects of physical health, mental health, spiritual health and our connections to those around us, Palliative Care works to incorporate all of these elements in a plan of care that makes sense to you.  Importantly, you are at the center of this umbrella of care, which is designed around your values, preferences and goals.


Our History


The Palliative Care Network of the Pikes Peak Region developed out of the Community Ethics Committee of El Paso and Teller Counties in recognition of the special role of Palliative Care in helping members of our communities to better navigate some of the most challenging times in our lives; particularly when we are faced with serious, sometimes life threatening illnesses.  Beginning in 2016, a dedicated group of community members came together with the purpose of sharing information and experience, discussing difficult situations, and promoting best Palliative Care practices in our community.

Our Vision
  1. We will work to develop ourselves as a trusted forum in which to discuss challenging EOL/Pal Care situations that arise in our community,

  2. We will serve an advisory role to the Community Ethics committee,

  3. We will work to understand and disseminate best standards and practices within the LTC, ALF, HC and Hospice/Pal-Care interface.

  4. We will primarily focus our efforts within the LTC-ALF-HC & Pal Care-Hospice interface; with occasional broader community involvement.

Our Mission:


 To maximize care for patients and families, hand-in-hand with enhanced professional and organizational effectiveness, including the LTC-ALF-HC and Pal Care-Hospice collaborative environment.

Our Values

A. We embrace the principles of effective collaboration,

B. We strive for openness to learning and sharing best practice standards,

C. We work to create transparency re challenges and solutions. 

D.  We incorporate the principles of patient-participant and family centered care in our processes and projects we are involved in.

Membership and Meetings


Membership includes members of the healthcare professions, service organizations, hospitals and residential facilities, and most importantly those who have benefited from good palliative care services.  All who have an interest and who are enthusiastic to participate are welcome.


Meetings: 4th Friday of every month, 0800-0900 at the Area Agency on Aging, 14 S. Chestnut Street, bottom level, east entrance.

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