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  1. Palliative Care Can Help address the Multifaceted Aspects of Care for Patients Facing a Serious Illness

  2. Palliative Care is Appropriate at Any stage of Serious Illness

  3. Early Integration of Palliative Care is Becoming the New Standard of Care for Patients with Advanced Cancer

  4. Moving Beyond Cancer: Palliative Care Can be Beneficial for Many Chronic Diseases

  5. Palliative Care Teams Manage Total Pain

  6. Patients with a Serious Illness Have Many Symptoms that Palliative Care Teams Can Help Address

  7. )Palliative Care Can Help address the Emotional Impact of Serious Illness on Patients and their Families

  8. Palliative Care Teams Assist in Complex Communication Interactions

  9. Addressing the Barriers to Palliative Care Involvement: Paitent's Hopes and Values Equate to More than cure

  10. Palliative Care Enhances Health Care Value​​ (source: Mayo clinic Proc. 8-2013)

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